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The Raspberry Seed You Can't Floss Out
21 March 2020 @ 01:08 pm
Okay, so, long story short: Money is going to be tight, and I need to do something about that! Boo hoo, I know. I'm going to save you as many details as possible and cut right to the chase:

Cut for size-- commission info!Collapse )
The Raspberry Seed You Can't Floss Out
26 June 2011 @ 05:04 pm
Okay, so I'm terrible with updating this thing. [THANKFULLY NO1RLYCURR so it's not that bad!]

Just thought I'd give an update.

Things got kind of nutty. Anyone who follows my plurk will know!

But a recap:

1) I had to quit the internship due to time/money issues.
2) Ironically, that very same week I got sort of laid off from my job. I was never given an official boot (re: my boss is a coward and couldn't give me a courtesy call/e-mail/text). I had to find out by going to my usual office... to find out that it was MISSING. Yeah. Not cool.

So now I've gone from having two jobs to having none!

3) Actually that's not entirely true. I caught a lucky break-- right before getting laid off, a client came in who needed an illustrator for his children's book along with a website to promote it. After talking to him for a bit, I'm almost completely contracted! So I'll be working on that over the summer.

Afterward... who knows! I'm mostly playing it by ear right now, but I'd be happy working a quiet 9-5 while gearing things up and doing... crap I may be working on 3 different web comics at once! I'll certainly be kept busy. :D

4) My grandma actually took a very nasty fall. I recounted the story on my plurk, and it's a lot to type up, but I'm happy to report that she's doing better every single day.

I can't wait for Otakon! I'll be going as Shinpachi! And I'm glad Jess's parents were cool with having her come along. We'll be meeting up with Kiwi there, too. AHHH it's going to be great!

I'm also going on a cruise to the Bahamas in early July. I'll be out for a week! I love boats *A*

All in all, bad things with the good. But I'm fairly confident things will continue on the good path.

I'm going to update my commissions post, but I have a commission that I'm working on now! Before Otakon, I may open up something like quick $5 head sketches to help me along.
The Raspberry Seed You Can't Floss Out
Hey everyone!

You've probably seen this on my plurk, but just to reiterate.

I'm doing pictures in exchange for donations over at help_japan!

...I guess this is also an advertisement as well! Please check out what you can there!

There are also sister communities that are around to give help to Haiti, New Zealand, and a couple of other places affected by disasters!

Thank you, guys!
The Raspberry Seed You Can't Floss Out
Okay so, I'm absolutely terrible at updating things. Now that this has been established, I want to talk about future plans that I have because I am sitting at a job that I DO NOT WANT TO BE STUCK IN FOREVER AND EVER.

1) I have a couple of webcomic plans. One I'm obligated to do, one for the guys at work, and one for myself... this is going to take a while.

2) Hitting up any animation studios I can in my area. Hopefully I'll be getting some bites soon.

3) Got my Square in the other day so I can accept commission payments and artist alley payments via debit and credit.

Whether or not any of this will actually work out... is up in the air. But I'll be working on it all. I think I have to start with being able to update something in a timely manner. HAHAHAHAHA. ...;_;

Also, I've re-rediscovered Patrick Wolf. Hnngghh... I love this man's music so much.
The Raspberry Seed You Can't Floss Out
"In the name of the best within you, do not sacrifice this world to those who are its worst. In the name of the values that keep you alive, do not let your vision of man be distorted by the ugly, the cowardly, the mindless in those who have never achieved his title. Do not lose your knowledge that man's proper estate is an upright posture, an intransigent mind and a step that travels unlimited roads. Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach. Check your road and the nature of your battle. The world you desired can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it's yours."

- Ayn Rand
The Raspberry Seed You Can't Floss Out
14 January 2011 @ 03:33 pm
I suck at updating.

Quick checklist while I'm at work:


...WOOOORRRK. Going to talk to the boss about a full time position soon rather than just freelance (which I didn't know I was until late last year. orz). Wish me luck!


I didn't do them-- things got incredibly hectic between graduation and Christmas. I plan on remedying this by doing them at another time, but that will be its own post in the future.


I have to fix my stuff. I still suck.

Entered the contest, though. I haven't heard anything from the place yet, so I'm not holding my breath for making it into the finals. Oh well.

I want to get back to updating boxofwool with sketch dumps... but I lost my confidence again. Hooray.


Introduced Remus to gargleblasted. Happy with the results so far! Taking things easy and happy with that, too.

Other Things

There are no other things, except for the fact that I WANT TO GO SHOPPING AND CANNOT WAIT.
The Raspberry Seed You Can't Floss Out
17 December 2010 @ 07:12 pm



[Heading out to dinner now! See y'all when I get back!]
The Raspberry Seed You Can't Floss Out

Comment here with your name and address if you'd like a card from me! With luck I'll actually get them out this year!

Comments are screened!
The Raspberry Seed You Can't Floss Out
02 December 2010 @ 11:08 am

I caved.